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V nabídce polyuretanové pružiny

V nabídce polyuretanové pružiny

Polyurethane elastomer springs have returned to our offer.

They are available in diameters from Ø16 to Ø125 and in three hardness groups: 80, 90 and 95 Shore.

Their durability depends on appropriate working conditions, so you should follow the recommendations for use:
– length of urethane spring should not be bigger than 2 times its external diameter,
– urethane springs can be fitted parallel (it is posible to double or treble the reaction force –deflection stays the same),
– urtethane springs can be fitted in series (when doubling or tripling the compression produced force remains the same),
– in both types of fitting sufficient space must be left for the sideways expansion of the springs during compression.

More information in the brochure.

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