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Special machining - Let us make plates for your molds and dies

Special machining

The range of our company's production includes not only standard elements for molds and dies, but also special machining, according to the customer's technical documentation.





Our machine park in Kielce includes over 60 machines for machining. Nine different combinations of external surface finishes are the task of conventional milling machines and planetary or linear grinders. The plates is further processed on CNC milling machines (up to 4 axes), drills and deep hole drills.

The offer includes a wide selection of steel grades that undergo a complete and controlled stress relieving process. You can choose from structural, tool steels and aluminum alloys.

Each plates undergoes a quality control.

We also provide services in the customer's material, e.g. surface grinding for regeneration.

Trust our experience.

More information: SPECIAL MACHINING


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